Chief Coaching Officer

A Chief Coaching Officer is Your External Coach for Personal Growth, Accelerating Performance & Overcoming Challenges in the Workplace

Chief Coaching Officer

Why Work with an external CCO

Why a Chief Coaching Officer you may ask. Simply put you invest tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars into each team member or employee. They invest their time, energy, and passion into you and the company or brand. What if there was a way to invest in that team member’s continual growth and increase their joy while also getting a better return on your compensation investment?

That is what a Chief Coaching Officer can do for you.

  • Support growing a team member into a leadership role
  • Coach for increased performance while experiencing less stress
  • Overcome challenges in the workplace
  • Spark collaboration, synergy, or communication among teams
  • Help others stay on track, future-focused and goal oriented
Chief Coaching Officers - CCO

Chief Coaching Officer Results are Guaranteed

No Term Commitment, No Large Upfront Expenses

We set achievable goals together

With the team or department leader, we understand the goals of bringing on a CCO. Together we will set tangible goals for our coaching progress. No two companies' goals will be the same. But coaching is not about having the answers. It's about asking the right questions, people making discoveries, and creating their solutions.

Our coaching creates an environment for change

An external coach can create a safe space and an environment for reflection, thought, ideas, creations, and ultimate change. This small shift might be small or large but ultimately will lead to achieving the desired goal or morphing that goal into something greater.

Coachee achieves goals and sets new milestones

Our goal is to be on the coaching journey with you for as long as you the client and coaching recipients continue to receive value. If the arrangement is determined to not be the right fit there will be no fee.

Our Coaching Program

Provides Four Important Assets to Your Business

Personal Coach

As a coach, we are not telling you or others what to do. We are asking questions with curiosity and listening attentively. Through this interaction, we are able to make discoveries, create breakthroughs, and see solutions from a different perspective. Truly great coaching is a magical experience.

Accountability Partner

Sometimes a reminder is all we need and other times knowing someone is with you makes a world of difference. When you are accountable to someone for action you are more likely to take action, push another step forward, and ultimately reach the finish line. What are some common excuses for not having a coaching partner? 

Unbiased Perspective

Executives, upper management, and other leaders have a wealth of knowledge about what works for their company. They provide amazing support and are just a phone call or office away. An independent coach is a bolt-on to that. We are unbiased in our questions and responses but we have all parties’ best interests in mind.

Experience Access

When a question, challenge, or idea arises we filter that moment through years of experience to assist you in discovering the best solutions and outcomes. With further global access to resources should we need them.

Chief Coaching Officer Process

Getting STARTED with a CHief Coaching Officer Is Easy


Schedule a Free Intro Call

Let’s connect to learn more about you, your business and the goals you which to achieve with a Chief Coaching Officer. We will answer questions and discuss what it would look like to work together.


Choose A Coaching Package

There is no contract and no monthly fees. Simply select a package that works best for you. We have a money-back guarantee if you feel our chemistry is off and we are not the right fit after the first coaching session. Once you know we are the right fit, you can simply select a larger quantity package for the best value.


Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes. Your coach will also spend time before the session reviewing notes, and any homework-related items that were shared. Post-call your coach will consolidate notes, and perform any agreed-upon actions.

Note: Coaching slots can be used across multiple team members.

Chief Coaching Officer Coaching Sessions CCO

Starter Package
3 - Coaching Sessions

Perfect for those who are new to coaching and want to see the benefits to their business and life.


Chief Coaching Officer Client CCO

Continual Growth Package
12 - Coaching Sessions

For clients who have had multiple coaching sessions who wish to continue the journey together and continually approve, refine, and flourish. (Usually covers 3-6 Months)

Chief Coaching Officer For Company CCO

Multiple Team Members

For clients who wish to have a coach for multiple team members in their organization. We can custom-design a package to fit your needs.


Ready To Have a CCO by Your Side?

We are here for you. Lets connect, chat, and create a future