Career Transition & Outplacement Services

We help employees transitioning out of a job power forward on their career journey. Career Transition or Outplacement is the beginning of a new adventure.

What are Career Transition & Outplacement Services?

Outplacement or Career Transition services are when a company assists laid-off or resigning employees in finding new employment or new career. This benefit can ease the transition for team members as well as add value to the company. It’s more than a feel-good service, it’s an investment in that person, it’s a care for their future and ties to the company’s values and how employees are treated. whether they are on-boarding or off-boarding.

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Career Transition & Outplacement

CIG Outplacement Playbook

Career Transitions & Outplacement playbook has six epic stages.

Career Sure Start

We take the first step together to begin to understand the past and paint a picture for the future. This begins with our first 1-on-1 Coaching Session, a simple but thought-provoking Questionnaire, and our Sure Start Search Course.


In stage two we take the stress out of resume writing by help people tell their story, articulate their successes and craft descriptions of their past to create a path to their future. This includes either a Resume review or writing services; followed by a Cover Letter and Check-in Call.


You are your own personal brand. Some are built off our past while others choose to design their future. Part of this includes our online image and first impressions. Equally as important is being found and standing out from the rest. In this stage we will ensure you have a Professional Headshot. Then go through a LinkedIn Remodel with you and produce a Branded one-pager you can share or bring to interviews


Anyone can search for a job. But to go on a quest means you are actively pursuing something of greatness. This involves finding the Recruiters that exist within your field, not only applying for positions but actively following up; which we discuss in this stages Coaching Session. Then perform a Position Review to realign what you have done and learned to continue the journey.


Mindset shift; an interview is not an interrogation. Rather it's a conversation to determine 1) if you can deliver on the job goals and align well with the team. 2) To understand the company, goals, mission, and job better; to ensure you are a good fit and the company is one you want to work for. We assist in Interview Preparation and performing and evaluating Mock Interviews So not only do you feel prepared (confidence boost) but are prepared (land the next step).


You did it and landed that offer. Definitely feels good (big smile). We will be there to support you as you lock it in with any needed Negotiation Support. But the journey is not over. You completed the quest, but face new roads ahead. With our New Start Coaching Session, we will help clarify your 90-day plan and ask questions to get you ready to make new friends, take on new projects, and excel in your new career.

Change Is Challenging, Tooling Up For the Journey Can Make it Easier On An Employee

Our Team Can Offer Outbound Employees:

Resume Guidance

Cover Letter Crafting

Digital Follow-up Letters

Career coaching

Interview Preperation

Mock Interviews

LinkedIn Remodel

Professional Headshots

Recruiter Access

Search Strategy

Networking Insights



Outplacement For When:

Layoffs Are Unavoidable

CIG supports organizations to successfully manage workforce reductions in a compassionate and supportive manner, while empowering transitioning employees to take the next step in their career journey.

Outgrowth Occurs

People and Companies grow at a different pace. Sometimes when company growth outpaces a particular employee role a transition becomes the right choice.

Position Fit Does Not Align

When great people are hired, you may find after a period of time together they are not the right fit for a particular role. If there are no other openings we can support this employee in finding the perfect fit where their skills can shine. 

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Getting Started Is Easy

Career Services Steps to Start


Hit The Button

Hit the Transition Support button and we’ll schedule a short call with you to learn more about your needs.



We will connect with the team member and share what it will look like to work together. At this time we will answer any initial questions and become a primary point of contact for their new career journey.



With the team member receiving transition support we will begin executing our Career Transition playbook.

One of A Kind

Personalized Career Transition Services

Career Investment Group partners with companies to support exiting employees. Our career transition services are underpinned with compassion, a coaching mindset, and overwhelming grit to assist employees as they transition to their next career move. We want the people we work with to have confidence in their search, tools to expedite their results, and a coach they can rely on.


We focus on the person and their journey. One-on-one interactions are the best way for us to engage with employees. Some outplacement services will host large group sessions, and leave little time for individual interaction. When working with CIG be assured its one-to-one not one-to-many.

Any Level

Whether this is the employee’s first job in their career or this person is a seasoned executive; CIG can formulate a custom plan to achieve the desired goal. We transcend industries and titles to focus on universal methods that work. Then fine fine-tune them for each person. 

Point Person

Each employee will have a career coach who will be their primary point of contact and guide them through the entire career transition. At CIG we believe a partner in one success is better than being passed around from department to department with unlinked and uncoordinated actions.

Common Questions About Resume Writing

We are here to support people on their career journey. We welcome any questions regarding the careers category. Some common questions regarding Resume Writing are:

After our Discovery Call your new resume will be provided in 7 days or less. After you have time to review we will schedule a follow-up call to button up any changes.

A majority of the resume work performed is on our team’s end. However, you filling out the questionnaire in as much detail as possible is very important to the process. This will require some time to think back on your career and write down key details about your journey. It’s not hard, but requires self-reflection. 

Resume writing services can range from $400 to $1,500 depending on many variables. Common drivers are career length and target positions. Our goal is to make our services great investments whether it’s for those just joining the workforce or someone looking for a C-suite role. We are confident that a great resume is a door opener for more opportunities and higher compensation.

There are many reasons a candidate could have a limited work history. This includes just graduating from high school or college, leave of absence, or life changes that motivated you to start looking for what opportunities are out there. Regardless, everyone has a story that can be told through hobbies, volunteer work, education, and even life experiences. CIG will help you invest in your future by telling the story of your past.

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