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Mock Interviews and Preparation to Practice, Strategize & Win Job Offers

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Interview Preparation

We help people overcome fear, create memorable stories, and share their experiences to win job offers and create new opportunities.

Overcome Fear

An interview may be seen as a culmination of being grilled in the principal’s office while at the same time giving a public speech. That thought drives fear. It does not have to be that way. With a few simple mindset shifts you will no longer fear going on an interview. 

Learn Techniques

There are simple techniques to learn more about a company, come prepared for the interview, and showcase your best self. In our interview coaching package, we will guide that journey of discovery, interviewing, and follow-up. 

Gain Confidence

Just as joining Toastmasters will help you gain confidence in public speaking. Performing mock interviews is a great way to gain confidence. With each practice, you become more confident in what you offer, how to portray that offering, and become prepared for various types of questions.

Increase likeability

Likeability on the surface might not seem important as long as you can perform the job functions. People not only need to believe you can achieve the employer’s goal but also that you would be a good fit to work alongside day-to-day. 

Influence Interviewers

Within the interview, you want to understand the challenges an employer is facing. What goal or desire for the brand are they trying to solve for? Once you know this you can engineer your answers (if true) to how to can deliver on that goal and be the solution they are looking for. 

Land Somewhere Great

An interview is a two-way interaction where you are also interviewing the employer to uncover if the position is the right fit for you. You want to know if the company culture is one you wish to work in and what would a day in the life if this role look like.

Work with An Interview Coach

Interview Preperation

Your preliminary work has paid off. The employer wants to meet for an interview. But before you start celebrating, there’s more work to do. You want to put your best foot forward in the interview and showcase who you are and what you bring to the table. For many reasons, this can be challenging. However, education, preparation, and a mock interviews through role-playing can be helpful techniques in preparing for interviews. 

We want you to be prepared and confident when the big day arrives. 

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Interview Coaching Products:

Preparation Meeting

40-minute meeting where we will:
  • Review Work History
  • Discuss company research
  • How to dress
  • What to bring
  • Attitude & Energy tricks
  • Potential questions 
  • Preparing personal stories

Mock Interview

Held via zoom the 40-minute mock interview will be customized to the type of job you are pursuing. The interview may include a brief overview of personal and work experience, and a line of questions geared towards getting a better sense of who you, the candidate is. It will include both traditional questions and behavioral questions.

Interview Review

Directly following the Mock Interview as an interview coach we will discuss how you thought it went, what parts were challenging, and define steps for continual improvement. We will also provide feedback as an interviewer and how a prospective employer may perceive certain responses.

Follow-Up Letter

Following up after an interview can be almost as important as the interview itself. To set you apart from other candidates an interview follow-up letter is recommended. We will provide a template and timing guidelines to make the best impression.

Preparing and Practicing

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Meet our GM success stories

International Fitness Franchise

International Fitness Brand had 2023 goals to develop the US market. Through our franchise hire program we assisted the brand in finding a Director of Franchise Sales who has since double the footprint in the states. This team member is a critical part of the brand expansion plan and leading the charge for the international team.

Youth Sports Franchise

Youth Sports platform company who was growing locations across multiple sports brands. They set out to hire a Senior Marketing team member to support various marketing functions from design and marketing calendars to writing GO playbooks and liaising with key marketing vendors. We identified a senior marketing manager from a platform retail brand that was the perfect fit for their team and strategic goals.

Child Daycare Franchise

A brick and mortar child daycare franchise was looking for a senior real estate team member to help refine and lead the site selection process. The goal was to locate sites faster, land in the ideal location, and minimize the zoning process. We sourced, interviewed, and vetted a large selection of candidates to find the right VP of Real Estate for their stage of growth.

Finanical Services Franchise

Financial Services / Cost Mitigation franchise was looking for an already great operations person. We call it the Swiss army knife role. We located an Operations Manager who has an ops mindset, an extremely high level of EQ, great project management skills and is reliable to a T. The executive team loves this team member and said its the perfect cultural fit.

Pet Care Brand

Pet Care Company on the northeast aimed to expand the leadership team of their 15+ acre training, boarding and grooming facility. Our recruiters located a local candidate who had the skills and experience to deliver on tactical expectations and had the leadership mindset and cultural alignment to incorporate into and lead the team.

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