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Professional Resume Writing Services

We take the stress out of resume writing by help people tell their story, articulate their successes and craft descriptions of their past to create a path to their future.


A resume catches someone’s eye, tells your story, and takes a long time to write because its hard to write less when you want to say more. At the same time, it has to showcase that the reader’s goals are achievable and make the phone ring for a conversation. We write amazing stories and paint realistic pictures. 

Cover Letters

Cover letters have changed over the years. But, the principle of a cover letter remains the same. Introduction to your written voice and who you are, paired with a setup for future conversations. We craft intrigue, conversational starting points, and introductions that land with the reader.

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is your career mindsets social media. It’s your impromptu digital resume and many times the first thing recruiters see when researching who you are and what value you would bring their clients and team. We will work with you to have great first impressions on LinkedIn. 

Choose a Package Thats Right For you

Resume Writing Offerings

60K - 100K Salary Target

Career Growth Resume CIG

Career Growth Resume

Perfect for an individual who has three plus years of experience and looking to grow into a supervisory or management position for the first time or move to a higher level of management.

100K - 200K Salary Target

Professional Resume CIG

Professional Resume

Designed for those who are looking to step into a more senior or more challenging role. This will showcase your multifaceted past align with the intended roles you wish to pursue.

200K + Salary Target

Executive Resume - CIG

Executive Resume

For aspiring or established executives setting out on a new career journey. Tell your story, showcase achievements, and depict how your background will drive a company forward.

Resume Writing Services begin at just $499.
Simply schedule a call at your convenience; we would love to meet with you.

Cover Letter Writing Service CIG

Cover Letter Writing

CIG will write an introduction document to pair with your resume that paints a picture of who you are, guides them toward your resume, and sets up for future conversations.

Linked In Profile Writing Services

LinkedIn Remodel

We will help remodel your linked in page to be a proud digital resume billboard for you as a personal brand. Have a great first impression that recruiters will find and notice.

Work with A Resume WriterS Who:

Have Unique Perspectives

Career Investment Group started in the coaching and recruiting segment after years of experience in the field of Operations, Real Estate, Development, and Marketing. 

We took this experience and adapted resume writing techniques to reflect real-world scenarios. We then took those resume writing techniques to the proving grounds by monitoring results, feedback, and interview results of candidates.

CIG prides itself on knowing what questions to ask and extracting more information to make your resume flourish. Resumes are not built one word at a time they are built one memory, one experience, one achievement at a time. Let one of our professional resume writers help you identify those moments in time.

Resume Writing Service Professional Resume Executive Resume

OUR Resumes Writers Have

Sourcing & Recruiting Expertise

Certified Diversity Recruiter
Certified Social and New Media Recruiter
Certified Internet Recruiter
Advanced Certified Internet Recruiter

Expand Your possibilities With A

Professional Resume Writer

Dig Deeper Than Your Surface Stories

A professional resume writer is a great listener, but also questions with curiosity to uncover your true career story. They unearth what makes you unique. This uniquely places you as the ideal candidate for the right company.

Understand What The Market Is Looking For

Professional Resume Writers are always working on their craft, learning the nuances of the industry and what's hot in resume writing and what makes the phone ring. Resume writers are also researchers, diving into the desired role and curating keywords that drive results.

Leverage Technology To Give You An Edge

A great resume is not just words our mind creates. Rather its a combination of action verbs, unique industry lingo and speaking to the mind of the reader. CIG leverages various technology to "verb" right, vibe with the reader and make a winning resume.

Get Excited to Shape and Mold A Resume to Open Doors

Resume Writing process Made easy!


Connect - Introduction Call

On this free intro call, we will discuss your present reality, current resume status, and goals you want to achieve by working with a professional resume writer. We will answer any questions you have about our service and become a partner on your journey. Grab a time here we would love to chat.


Collect - Info & History

Prior to our 45-minute discovery call, we will share a questionnaire that asks for basics such as contact details, education, and professional experience (company, title, dates, etc). At this stage you would also start thinking about accomplishments at each one of your positions.  


Chat - Discovery Call

Here we will meet via Zoom and get more granular in terms of career details. Our team will better understand your journey, accomplishment, and value-added to each of the companies you were with. This information will support our create stage.


Create - Resume Draft

With questionnaire, notes, and our market research in hand, we will begin drafting your new resume custom to your goals and experience. 



We will share the first draft and schedule a review call together. On this call, we have three goals. 1) Get your feedback 2) Our team will ask questions to fill in any gaps 3) Make content or design decisions together.



Your new resume will check all six boxes of “what makes a great resume”. We will send you the final version in Word and PDF format. If you wish we could explore other career services at this time.

join the success

Meet our success stories

International Fitness Franchise

International Fitness Brand had 2023 goals to develop the US market. Through our franchise hire program we assisted the brand in finding a Director of Franchise Sales who has since double the footprint in the states. This team member is a critical part of the brand expansion plan and leading the charge for the international team.

Youth Sports Franchise

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Child Daycare Franchise

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Finanical Services Franchise

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Pet Care Brand

Pet Care Company on the northeast aimed to expand the leadership team of their 15+ acre training, boarding and grooming facility. Our recruiters located a local candidate who had the skills and experience to deliver on tactical expectations and had the leadership mindset and cultural alignment to incorporate into and lead the team.

Questions About Resume Writing

We are here to support people on their career journey. We welcome any questions regarding the careers category. Some common questions regarding Resume Writing are:

After our Discovery Call your new resume will be provided in 7 days or less. After you have time to review we will schedule a follow-up call to button up any changes.

A majority of the resume work performed is on our team’s end. However, you filling out the questionnaire in as much detail as possible is very important to the process. This will require some time to think back on your career and write down key details about your journey. It’s not hard, but requires self-reflection. 

Resume writing services can range from $500 to $1,000 depending on many variables. Common drivers are career length and target positions. Our goal is to make our services great investments whether it’s for those just joining the workforce or someone looking for a C-suite role. We are confident that a great resume is a door opener for more opportunities and higher compensation.

There are many reasons a candidate could have a limited work history. This includes just graduating from high school or college, leave of absence, or life changes that motivated you to start looking for what opportunities are out there. Regardless, everyone has a story that can be told through hobbies, volunteer work, education, and even life experiences. CIG will help you invest in your future by telling the story of your past.

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